Exercise Rehabilitation: Pre- & Post Cancer Treatment


Getting Started

Whether you are pre-, currently undergoing, or post- treatment for Cancer, exercise has been found beneficial for those diagnosed at any stage. Seeing a therapist such as Cancer Exercise Specialist is valuable as they have a deeper understanding of the treatments and side effects one is faced with. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through your journey. 


Initial Assessment

All new clients are required to have an initial assessment with a Back on Track Fitness Cancer Exercise Specialist before beginning their exercise rehabilitation program. The 75-minute initial assessment involves the following:


  • Comprehensive medical screening and cancer history

  • Biometric and Anthropometric data (E.g. blood pressure, body fat %)

  • Postural Analysis

  • Range of Motion Testing

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Physical Function Testing (E.g. balance, strength, muscular endurance)

  • Cardiovascular Fitness Test (sub-maximal)


Once your tests are completed a treatment plan will then be designed based on your goals, training needs, testing results and any other individual requirements you may have. All of our exercise prescription and treatment plans are based upon the most current research and evidence for your specific cancer type and are tailored specifically to your needs, regardless of your starting point.

One-on-one Training

Our cancer recovery one-on-one training is an hour long hands on session with a Cancer Exercise Specialist. Exercise programs for sessions are based off an individuals testing results and goals completed in the initial assessment. This is perfect for someone who struggles to understand the proper movement and feeling of an exercise or is looking to learn what exercises are safe for their specific situation. 


Note: If looking to join a group class, it is highly recommended to complete a few one on one sessions first to get a thorough understanding of your individualized program.

Cancer Recovery Group Classes

Just like the one on one sessions, group classes focus on an individual's personal needs discussed in initial assessment. All classes are lead by a Cancer Exercise Specialist who oversees participants performing their individualized exercise programs. This class is less hands on with the Trainer, however, a sense of camaraderie can be created in group classes as all participants have a similar experiences.


There is a maximum of six (6) participants for each class 

Note: Currently offered only at our Vancouver location

Cancer Recovery Drop-in 

 Drop in for Group Classes is available. Contact us for our rates.