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Physiotherapy clinic 16 Avenue Vancouver

Our Mission

At Personal Best Exercise Therapy, our mission is to provide a friendly and professional environment for you to optimize your health, reduce pain and promote ease of movement. We are dedicated to continuously learning while collaborating within our team to provide you with the utmost care. We strive to remain openminded to various types of treatment so that you feel supported while reaching your goals.

Running Up

What Our Clients Say

The instructors are professional, caring and non-judgemental while delivering the program in an atmosphere of encouragement, support and often much laughter. I always come away feeling invigorated physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am very grateful for this program which continuously keeps me encouraged and motivated to continue to improve my fitness. Thank you!

This program is geared to everyone and yet Joanne and her team make modifications for each participant based on their initial and on-going assessments.

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