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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine that was developed 200 years ago by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. This system is based on the principle of Like cures like.

What does Like cures like mean? It means: If a substance can create a series of symptoms in a healthy individual, that same substance, is capable of curing the same symptoms in a sick person who experiences those symptoms if that substance is prepared based on homeopathic principles.

For example: When a person slices an onion, the experience is observed as watery and burning eyes, runny nose accompanied by sneezing. At the same time if a person suffers from hay fever, the symptoms can be presented as watery and burning eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Many hay fever sufferers have found a relief from the mentioned symptoms by taking a homeopathic remedy that is made from red onion also known as Allium Cepa.

It is important to note that in homeopathy the combination of peculiar, distinctive and unique symptoms are more important than common symptoms that are specified by the diagnosis. For example: ten people with migraine can experience different combination of symptoms, and therefore each person might require a different homeopathic remedy that can relieve the individual’s migraine pains.

What is the difference between Homeopathy and Conventional or Allopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy is based on a Whole Person approach and the homeopathic remedy is individualized. The intention of homeopathy is to remove the underlying cause of the disease.

Allopathic or Conventional Medicine treats, controls, suppresses or eliminates the physical symptoms. Having said that, the two systems can complement each other in helping the healing process.

What is the difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine whereas Naturopathy uses different systems such as acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, vitamins and supplements, detoxification and some Homeopathy.

What is the difference between Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicines are prepared from plants and botanical sources whereas Homeopathic Medicines are prepared from many other sources such as plants, minerals and some animal products. Herbal Medicines are crude substances that are prepared through a different process than Homeopathic Medicines that are prepared through a process called potentization that include dilution and succussion.

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