Back on Track Fitness,

moving Vancouver 

beyond cancer

BACK ON TRACK FITNESS provides customized exercise programs for Vancouverites overcoming a cancer diagnosis. These programs address the many side effects of cancer and its treatments. Our exercise therapists are certified as Cancer Exercise Specialists and are extremely knowledgeable in the field of cancer recovery and survivorship. Above all, they are passionate about moving people through all stages of their diagnosis to get, back on track!

Back on Track Fitness


Back on Track Fitness was developed in Vancouver by the owner, Joanne’s, rigorous training, extensive experience, and passion to help people move beyond cancer.


We understand the challenges one faces through all stages of recovery. Once treatment is completed, individuals are often left with lingering side effects and must adopt the philosophy of living with a “new normal”.


Joanne's compassionate approach and technical understanding to cancer recovery through fitness has supported survivors through pre- and post-cancer surgeries and treatment. 

Our programs are run by Certified Cancer Exercise Specialists that are University trained and used evidence-based research to design individualized exercise programs for anyone with a cancer diagnosis. 


These services are available before, during and after surgeries and treatments and are designed to help overcome the side effects of cancer treatments and to improve physical functioning.


We offer one-on-one services, group-based classes and programs and also work with LTD claims.

Back on Track Fitness is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Please look at our services to learn more about our classes and one on one sessions.