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Jenna Mellor


Jenna obtained her bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Victoria. Since graduating, Jenna became a registered kinesiologist and jumped right into her first clinical job helping individuals manage and/or recover from brain and spinal cord injuries. Her experience working in neurological clinics gave her a deep understanding of the relationship between the brain and the body, and how movement can strengthen that connection. Jenna has also worked as a personal trainer since 2020, helping her clients discover effective and enjoyable modalities of exercise to reach their goals. Jenna’s treatment focuses on how the body’s systems work together and she finds ways to enhance those processes through proper movement patterns. She focuses on the individualized needs of her clients so they leave feeling better physically and mentally than when they arrived. 


Born and raised on the north shore of Vancouver, Jenna loves anything outdoors and in nature, mainly hiking and running. Growing up as a competitive dancer has allowed Jenna to understand the mind-body connection from a young age and how movement plays a significant role in health and well-being. Her love of physical activity is a great asset to helping others achieve their health goals. 

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