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Helping you reach your personal best.

At Personal Best Exercise Therapy we are proud to be leaders in the evidence-based practice of kinesiology. Our kind and compassionate practitioners apply the latest research to provide the highest quality treatment. Our studio/clinic is very warm and welcoming, as is our entire team.

To treat our clients' concerns from a whole-body standpoint, our team of kinesiologists, physiotherapists, osteopathic practitioners, registered massage therapists, and homeopaths often collaborate together to ensure we are providing the best treatment possible. 

Whether you're recovering from an injury, overcoming an illness, or are looking to improve your fitness, we can safely and efficiently help you achieve your goals. We want to help you embrace proper movement patterns, feel more functional and mobile, and feel confident to return to doing the things you love. 

Our Story

Our Story

Joanne Morgan founded Personal Best Exercise Therapy with the vision of providing several health and wellness services under one roof. With a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of optimal health, Joanne knows the importance of treating the body as a whole. By being able to collaborate with other practitioners, Personal Best Exercise Therapy takes care of our clients in an individualized away to provide the very best possible results. 

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