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Chiropractic is traditionally defined as adjustments of the spine. What exactly is an adjustment? An adjustment is a quick motion applied to a joint segment to restore mobility and reduce pain. Adjustments can be applied to the spine as well as the extremities. Our chiropractor Dr. Sam utilizes a variety of treatment methods in addition to adjusting to get you feeling better, moving better and out of pain. Treatment methods include:


· Soft tissue therapies such as cupping and myofascial release

· Rehabilitative exercise

· Lifestyle recommendations and nutrition counselling where appropriate


Conditions chiropractic may be beneficial for include (but are not limited to):


·Discs herniations


·Motor vehicle accident injuries

·Chronic lower back pain

·Chronic neck pain

·Shoulder pain

·Golfers/tennis elbow

·Foot & ankle pain

·Pregnancy, including prenatal and postpartum care 

·Jaw pain 

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